There are three basic coastal zones and one new zone in the new NFIP maps.

The flood zone X is considered to be a low risk of flooding.

VE zones or Coastal High Hazard Areas are zones where high velocity wave action accompanies the storm surge and can cause severe damage to buildings.

AE zones are areas affected by storm surge but where wave action is diminished or absent.

For the first time FEMA has established another area within the AE zone called the Limit of Moderate Wave Action or LiMWA. These moderate waves can cause damage to buildings, though they are not as damaging as the waves expected in the VE zone. Communities that adopt the Limit of Moderate Wave Action as a higher regulatory standard may earn flood insurance rate discounts.

Click on the photo below to view FEMA’s video demonstrating the various zones and explain the new LiMWA flood zone.


Click on the Fact sheet below to go to FEMA’s website to view more information about Building Standards in flood zones.